Thursday, June 24, 2010

Red wine, mistakes, mythologhy....

Some interesting things happened today: I found a bath book I bought to give Heather for Gabi like five months ago, I saw a pregnant woman in a bathing suit/flip flops ride an exercise bike, and I've been cheating on the Avett Brothers with Jack Johnson. (Right now as I type actually) Speaking of the Avetts, I got my concert tickets in the mail Tuesday and I literally couldn't be more pumped!

Today was a low day for me in the continuum of motivation. It took some encouragement for me to get up and get to the treadmill. But I feel better now having done it, so thanks J. And just to throw this out there chilling on the couch watching Top Chef does very little for the mind, body or soul.

I've done really good with my summer resolution to seek out happiness. I think my low point was probably eating an entire Subway meatball footlong and justifying it by having Baked Lays and water with it. Did I mention I also had three cookies with it??? Oopsie!

This weekend is a full moon which will be interesting. Did you know all the full moons of the calender year have names? Yeah, and June's is the Strawberry Full Moon. I plan on living it up in honor of all the good that has been done this week, by myself and others. Maybe with some wine or more appropriately strawberry margaritas. So watch out world...

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