Thursday, April 28, 2011

Past Lives

I wish that I was good...
Nah, I wish that I was great.
I wish that I'd been early more often than late.
But nothing lasts forever,
maybe that's fate
When you're alive you're alright,
but when you're dead you're a saint.

Sometimes I forget about the chances we get in life to start over. They happen every day, thank God. I don't have to be the person you thought I was, or even the person I really was with you. I can be a different "me" right now if I wanted. And that's a glorious feeling. I think it has taken me a little while to get here, but I'm always a work in progress. And I'm OK with that. It's fun to evolve; it's also necessary. The big picture for me is that no one piece of my life (no matter how blissful it was) defines me...that no one interaction is who I am....that it's just a Past Life.

(also I'm more obsessed with Langhorne Slim by the minute, so please enjoy the music.)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bright shiny thing...

Please meet my new obsession. Many worlds of thanks to The Avett Brothers for having him open your great show in Athens...Oh, and if you wanna see me I'll be watching this kid tear up the stage at the Earl later this month.