Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uh-Oh Spaghettios

I've sorta blown goats in the seven blogs/seven days plan. Monday was a pizza coma, and yesterday I just plain forgot. I also blow similar goats at taking my vitamin daily. Any suggestions to remember???...I already keep them by the sink in the bathroom. I should probably invest in one of those old folks pill boxes with the days of the week on 'em. At the very least I'd have one with me at all times.

(You could also probably surmise at this time that I DO NOT use the pill for birth control, haha.)

I got new glasses this week, lost one pound, and replaced the battery in my watch necklace. All of these things make me smile big. I think I need more friend time. More out-of-the-house good times....let the good times roll or something like that. Anyone interested?? Let's paint the town red.

For now it's rainy and dark and DVR time. Love.