Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm so lonely, that's okay I shaved my head.

Eleven Things

1. Dave Grohl should play only drums. Always and Forever.
2. A sexy bass line turns me on.
3. Shower caps are awesome; I should have paid more attention to my Grandmother.
4. Pudding cake is the devil.
5. Heavy Mojo a week from Saturday, yes please.
6. ^^ For free. Uh-huh.
7. Already planning my Dan Akroyd: Two Wild and Crazy Guys Halloween costume. Boom!
8. I smell like Grapefruit, and I like it.
9. The pool changed my toe nail polish from pink to bronze. Odd.
10. I will not open the bottle of wine. I will not open the bottle of wine. (until at least Thursday)
11. Chicks that play guitar are hot.

You may now go back to your Tuesday.

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

First day of Summer. It's official.

I've already been loving the heat, the pool, the sunshine, all of it....except maybe the stupid humidity.

I've been getting up pretty early and moving in the mornings; I'm kinda loving it. A body in motion stays in motion and all that jazz. It's good for the body, but better than that it's great for my spirit. But I have learned one thing: I either need to do laundry more often or buy more socks.

This summer is also being dedicated to me seeing as much live music as possible. I'm on the hunt for anything hella-cheap or free so if you know anything, throw it my way. I've already had my first official sunburn, and got drenched by a summer storm. Had the "best burrito of my life"and went to a Braves game (and rocked my face off with the Avetts). Still on the list...a day at the lake, Screen on the Green, a weekend away....and who knows??

Anyway, here's to Summer and my official Summer jam....makes me happy, makes me smile, makes me soak it all in....