Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wah, waaaah.

I may not be quite off the wagon, but I'm definitely hanging on for dear life. Working out was non-existent last week. Zero energy, zero motivation. It was almost like I forget where the gym even was. But tomorrow is another day and so forth.

The highlight of the month has been the Avett Brothers show Friday. We were in the pit, and I've never been that close before. It's what some people might call mega-winning at life. Drank some beers, met some cool people, and generally enjoyed life.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


And I'm listening to MIA so there's that.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I sink to the bottom/ I rise to the top.

I was one of about ten people at the gym this morning. I am forced to assume that, like me, they all have bought too tight purple pants to wear to The Avett Brothers Friday week. Dang, I guess I'll be seeing them around 8am every day from here on out.

I don't have too much more than that to say except that I'm feeling great so I guess I'll keep at it. It's just an hour a day after all.

I will go ahead and put this here since I mentioned next Friday's concert. I will be going all balls out. You've been warned.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Big city bottom.

Back that Azz up and Ms New Booty coming on shuffle while I'm on the elliptical, coincidence?? I think not. B and I rewarded ourselves for last night's Mexican pigout with 15 minutes of extra cardio this AM. Whoopsie!

My margarita was the size of my head so by the time the food came out all I could eat was my rice. Therefore, I had my quesadilla for "brunch." Mmmmm chorizo and chicken.

The evening was cut a little short, but it was nice to come home and just watch some TV and go to bed early.

Oh, oh, I keep forgetting-- I need a singer jam ASAP. Please leave some suggestions down in the comments. I am highly convinced this crazy weather is the direct result of me failing to choose my summer jam. :/

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just in case anybody was wondering

if I'm a totally different person just because I joined a gym, let the girl who's underpants had slid completely down her butt by her last 10 minutes on the elliptical assure I am the same old mess.

Cat like speed and reflexes.

After two days of what some might call straight laziness I'm ready to take my booty and my new socks to the gym. I've given myself three hours of "lazy Sunday" and now it's time to get going.

As silly as this seems I really love these socks already. And I haven't even left the house. They have a little band for arch support AND they're super cute. I'm like a little kid who feels like she can run faster/jump higher because she just got new light up tennis shoes. I'm obviously gonna kick all kinds of ass at the gym. Puma socks: activate!

In slightly less ass kickery news, we made or first official wedding purchase yesterday. We may not have a date or a photographer but we have groomsmen ties. They fit the look I wanted too perfectly to let them go. Two stops at K&G and one set of keys left on the counter later, B and I are wedding planners.

Ok, so let's do this together now....(cheesiness alert) the weather is looking up and there is no day better than today to kick a little ass.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Socks and Pinterest and Muppets.

Things are going great with the gym. I have committed for my health to go a minimum of 5 days a week. And have decided to count calories, but live on a 80% healthy 20% treat yoself plan. I think this gives me the best chance of success.

The first time I went to the gym at night I saw several couples. I think it's great. B and I go to the gym together sometimes, but I definitely get a better work out in solo. Still I think it's a nice thing to do with your man, good couple time, investing in your health together, etc. Saw two couples who were unintentionally(???) wearing matching outfits. Bleck. Can't take it. Stop.

B bought me some new work out socks today. They're Puma so you know they're stupid legit. His little treats make my day. Of course I paid back the favor of new socks by coming home and taking a 2 hour nap. Oopsie.

I've tried the elliptical two times now. Still don't quite feel like the gazelle girl with her perfectly high, bump free pony tail bouncing in the breeze. But I feel less like a hung over muppet flailing in a windstorm so I guess it's the little victories.

In wedding news, we kinda, sorta settled on a groomsmen look. The shopping part is gonna be way more fun than the planning/thinking/budgeting part. I have a Pinterest wedding board. I've been surprised with liking it, mostly because I really hate Pinterest. So, so, much.

I'm gonna get going so that I can fight the battle between Hannibal on DVR and putting on a sports bra. Spoiler alert: I'm already two minutes into Hannibal. Happy Friday, y'all.