Friday, May 3, 2013

Socks and Pinterest and Muppets.

Things are going great with the gym. I have committed for my health to go a minimum of 5 days a week. And have decided to count calories, but live on a 80% healthy 20% treat yoself plan. I think this gives me the best chance of success.

The first time I went to the gym at night I saw several couples. I think it's great. B and I go to the gym together sometimes, but I definitely get a better work out in solo. Still I think it's a nice thing to do with your man, good couple time, investing in your health together, etc. Saw two couples who were unintentionally(???) wearing matching outfits. Bleck. Can't take it. Stop.

B bought me some new work out socks today. They're Puma so you know they're stupid legit. His little treats make my day. Of course I paid back the favor of new socks by coming home and taking a 2 hour nap. Oopsie.

I've tried the elliptical two times now. Still don't quite feel like the gazelle girl with her perfectly high, bump free pony tail bouncing in the breeze. But I feel less like a hung over muppet flailing in a windstorm so I guess it's the little victories.

In wedding news, we kinda, sorta settled on a groomsmen look. The shopping part is gonna be way more fun than the planning/thinking/budgeting part. I have a Pinterest wedding board. I've been surprised with liking it, mostly because I really hate Pinterest. So, so, much.

I'm gonna get going so that I can fight the battle between Hannibal on DVR and putting on a sports bra. Spoiler alert: I'm already two minutes into Hannibal. Happy Friday, y'all.

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