Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cat like speed and reflexes.

After two days of what some might call straight laziness I'm ready to take my booty and my new socks to the gym. I've given myself three hours of "lazy Sunday" and now it's time to get going.

As silly as this seems I really love these socks already. And I haven't even left the house. They have a little band for arch support AND they're super cute. I'm like a little kid who feels like she can run faster/jump higher because she just got new light up tennis shoes. I'm obviously gonna kick all kinds of ass at the gym. Puma socks: activate!

In slightly less ass kickery news, we made or first official wedding purchase yesterday. We may not have a date or a photographer but we have groomsmen ties. They fit the look I wanted too perfectly to let them go. Two stops at K&G and one set of keys left on the counter later, B and I are wedding planners.

Ok, so let's do this together now....(cheesiness alert) the weather is looking up and there is no day better than today to kick a little ass.

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