Monday, May 6, 2013

Big city bottom.

Back that Azz up and Ms New Booty coming on shuffle while I'm on the elliptical, coincidence?? I think not. B and I rewarded ourselves for last night's Mexican pigout with 15 minutes of extra cardio this AM. Whoopsie!

My margarita was the size of my head so by the time the food came out all I could eat was my rice. Therefore, I had my quesadilla for "brunch." Mmmmm chorizo and chicken.

The evening was cut a little short, but it was nice to come home and just watch some TV and go to bed early.

Oh, oh, I keep forgetting-- I need a singer jam ASAP. Please leave some suggestions down in the comments. I am highly convinced this crazy weather is the direct result of me failing to choose my summer jam. :/

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