Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nothing good happens after 2AM...

Lifetime has been airing How I Met Your Mother repeats and I am re-loving them as much as ever. When they fist started the would come on at like 7pm, now they are on at like 2am. Oops, I guess everyone isn't loving them as much as I am.

I record all of them. I do the same with The Office, Sex and the City, and Scrubs reruns. Sometimes I watch them, sometimes I automatically delete them, but I'm always glad to have them on a rainy afternoon like today.

Speaking of late night TV I also watch Chelsea Lately, a lot. And it's much more fun to watch the airings that come on at 3am, because they run some of the best commercials. You know the ones for party-lines, work out videos, and other really weird shit you think no one would ever buy. (That's probably how the snuggie started out.)

But yeah, with all the fun stuff to DVR in the wee hours, it seems that lots of good things happen after 2am. And none of it involves puking in the breezeway of my building, well not for me at least.

Oh, and if you search the quote from my last post, my blog comes up on Google. Go ahead and try it, it's pretty badass.

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