Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's always more fun to share with everyone.

I am super not happy today, and I'm not sure I can put it into words so bear with me for a second. I get really angry, probably too angry, at stupid people. This afternoon my patience was tested, and to my own surprise I was able to keep my big mouth shut, kinda.

I was having a conversation about how an acquaintance of mine had questioned why we're giving money to Haiti considering we are in a recession. She then went on to compare the earthquake to Katrina. Someone who overheard this conversation began going off on Katrina victims. Talking about how they didn't deserve any assistance because they chose to live in the area, didn't have jobs, and were probably stupid. Seriously, that's what she said. She went on to compare this catastrophic natural disaster to people being snowed into they're homes. Seriously, that's what she said. (FYI this is NOT an ok way to think.)

As I listened to her speak, believe me I was angry. But after I took about fifty deep breaths I eventually felt sorry for her. Sad that she is so spoiled in her cushy life, so removed from suffering that she is completely unable to feel even the slightest drop of empathy for others. And I felt thankful that for whatever reason I have not become that jaded, self-righteous, or complacent.

Somehow I resisted every urge to scream at her, throw up in her face, and shake her like crazy. All I said was, "I just think no matter how people got into a mess, when other people need help which should just help and not ask questions." I was exceedingly proud of myself for remaining calm because really I knew there was no point. I wasn't going to change her mind, in the same way she'd never change mine.

To summarize I'd say when people who have the same hearts you do, same dreams you do, love their family the same way you love yours are suffering here's what you do: don't be douche-bag. Give them something, show them compassion, and thank God for how amazing you have it.

Vent for the day complete. :)

"If you've got one sandwich, cut that thing in half.
If you know a secret joke, tell it and share a laugh."

--The Sharing Song: Jack Johnson

Give a little

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