Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did you swallow an amplifier?

Officially blogging on a official blogging site doesn't make me feel very official at all. It makes me feel uneasy. But it does make me feel opened, too. Even if no one is reading I feel like someone COULD read it, and that's all that matters. Please exercise patience with my inexperience, spelling, and grammer; in return I'll promise to try and be as un-boring as possible.

So in my first post, I'll start with familiar ground: music I'm obsessing over. This morning (and for probably the next month or 10) it is The Avett Brothers. All I can say is if you like real music, give them a chance. They'll probably earn you bonus points if like bluegrass or similar type stuff. What's not to love banjo, stand up bass, and warm melodies...throw in a scruffy beard or two, and you know I'm crazy-hooked.

Check out this video, and get back to me. It's the best live version I found of "Laundry Room" with some other stuff on the end. You are under direct order to get through at least the first song, but I suggest you do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing. It WILL make you day.

(and PS I will probably be moving some old myspace blogs over here, feel free to ignore them or read them and pretend they're intersting.)

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