Sunday, September 29, 2013

That's what weekend s are made of.

I got a chance to go to the sold out John Mayer show Friday. And I was happy to take my little ass down to Lakewood and check it out.

It wasn't the best JM show I've been to, but I know he is still recovering from his throat stuff so I'll give him a pass. The highlight for me was definitely Slow Dancing In a Burning Room. I'd post a video, but I'm on my phone, and I'm not quite sure how to to insert one from here. The weather was perfection. The music was sustaining. Life was lived. Happiest happies.

Saturday night was make-up fireworks night. The Fourth of July came to September, and it didn't disappoint. I wish the fireworks would rain out every year from here on out. An early fall night is much more conducive to outdoor enjoyments in Georgia.

Today B and I had lunch and split a caramel milkshake. Then I made it through Sunday afternoon grocery shopping with out murdering someone, coupons and all.

Now it's all cheese and crackers for dinner and DVR clean-up. Maybe do some wedding stuff if I get the itch.

Life is good when you let it be.

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