Friday, September 16, 2011

Every minute, now, the view is changing.

It seems like Summer has came and went, and I've really sucked at blogging. Hmm.

The summer was great but I'm ready for a change of pace. I started my fall off this year just as I did last...with those dang Avett Brothers. No better way to spend a Friday night. Even if you have to wait in line for two hours first. I danced so hard I think my sweat was sweating. And no better way to end a Friday night than Steak n Shake with some cool people, the best waitress, and bottomless cherry Sprites.

So now that Summer is over, and I've made my official fall mix (On Spotify, people. Look into it.) I should start working on getting my shit together. Working out, like, at all. Eating better. All in preparations to turn the big 3-5. I'm deciding to be pumped, because, why not?? It seems like I might have some interesting celebration plans in the works. So yeah. Pumped it is.

It's also day 369 without my sweet, sweet Grandmother. The world just isn't the same without her. I'm not the same without her. There's a love in my soul that only came from her, and it will forever make me smile from the inside out. I'm a happy, happy blessed girl. With some tears on her cheeks. Find someone you love today and hug the Hell out of 'em. You'll thank me later.

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