Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's you and me and the summertiiiiiiiiime.

I love summa time. So much. So many good times to be had. I think the summer of '08 was especially memorable. I think I could rename it the Summer of Highlands, White Pants, or The last Summer I was really tan . Fun times with Jodie at the aquarium (otherwise known as the most un-photogenic day of my life) and at Jack Johnson. :)

This summer has been right up there. And I have affectionately dubbed it the Summer of Live Music. And ba-ba-ba-ba-baaaaaaa I'm lovin' it. I'm digging it. Yep. And the digging continues this Friday at Star Bar. Come visit you won't be sorry.

Here's a series of pictures that may or may not illustrate how much I love Summer...but definitely how awesome I am:

From 08.07.08

From 08.07.08

From 08.07.08

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