Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm so lonely, that's okay I shaved my head.

Eleven Things

1. Dave Grohl should play only drums. Always and Forever.
2. A sexy bass line turns me on.
3. Shower caps are awesome; I should have paid more attention to my Grandmother.
4. Pudding cake is the devil.
5. Heavy Mojo a week from Saturday, yes please.
6. ^^ For free. Uh-huh.
7. Already planning my Dan Akroyd: Two Wild and Crazy Guys Halloween costume. Boom!
8. I smell like Grapefruit, and I like it.
9. The pool changed my toe nail polish from pink to bronze. Odd.
10. I will not open the bottle of wine. I will not open the bottle of wine. (until at least Thursday)
11. Chicks that play guitar are hot.

You may now go back to your Tuesday.

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