Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seven blogs in seven days

I'm gonna try to get of my lazy bloggin' butt here, get down to some dirty work. For the next seven days my goal is a post a day. Not too much considering the amount of free time I've got happening right now.

Only boring people get bored?? Maybe so, but lately I've been bored outta my mind more often than I care to admit. Read some, watch some TV, do my nails....recipe for laziness for certain.

I did get the chance to watch Moneyball (not to be confused with Murderball which is also pretty good.). I really liked it a lot. Gives you another perspective on baseball, winning, starting over, and life in general. I've thought about reading the book, but I'll have to make it through the last half of my Goodwill purchased read first.

So, this is my seven day journey to becoming un-bored. Take it with me and/or give me some ideas of shit to do. I'm pretty much open to anything at this point. Except maybe Pintrest...I'm not exactly sure I get it. Yet. Lots of girly stuff happening over there.

Oh, and here's something not boring....and if you don't think it's one of the most precious songs you've ever heard, you, my friend, should get out more.

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