Friday, October 4, 2013

A date written in stone

We ordered invitations today. And table cloths. So there will officially be a wedding come April 26th.

I found an amazing groupon for invitations. For invitations, envelope seals, and address labels we paid the big fat sum of $42 (including shipping). Way under my budget. To be fair, I'm an over budgeter, big time. Mostly, because running out of money at the last minute is my nightmare. Once I get them in and check them out, I'll share the company and my experience.

I will say choosing the invitations and the wording went smoothly. We quickly agreed on a template, and the website had great examples for wording. In the end we may have jacked our phrasing from an invitation we found on Google, but I'll neeeeever teeeeeell.

Another great deal came with our table cloths. Not $40 great, but well within budget. We had already ordered one size of table cloths from Amazon, and we loved them so we went ahead with ordering the same type for the dinner tables. When I started pricing the wedding, the cost of table cloths was one of the most shocking moments. Thank God for the internet and for not feeling the need to be all fancy pants.

I'm very into getting the random details ironed out as soon as possible. So the table cloths may not be very romantic or special, but having them here will help me breathe a little easier.

Two more items checked off from my wedding binder...the one without out a cover and that is free of magazine clippings, or fabric swatches, or dream dresses. Being a bride that is happy with spreadsheets and random scratching makes me feel happy and stress free. And when I really need to wedding-out, there's always Pinterest (unfortunately).

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