Monday, April 5, 2010

But you can dip your feet every once in a little whiiiiiiile

I would like to send out the following thank you's for helping me get up off my ass this morning:

1. The Killers
2. My body for sleeping soundly enough to wanna wake up so early.
3. The guy weed wacking his yard, it smelled soooo good.
4. The perfectly crisp weather.
5. The four leaf clover I found.

I would also like to send out the follow suck it's
1. Myself for forgetting to have my water bottle filled and ready for when I returned.
2. The douche bags who throw trash out their car windows.
3. My right calf that continues to cramp up no matter what I do.

PS Go ahead and watch this, and just try to not feel a little urge to get up and move:

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